Monday, October 28, 2013


Should we take benadryl or not?
Madeleine was a breeze on the plane. She slept during take off and perked up during landing,
But she was cranky little one and i think she got homesick real quick.
Made quick video for your enjoyment and for the world to see.

It was also our anniversary. 9 years of bliss... She makes me real. We ordered room service and played with Maddie for the rest of the night. 

 We also went to a wedding, Robin and Jojo's, It was up in North Shore at a private house/beach. Very picturesque. they gave out free custom made cigars.

 We did let Maddie have some treats. It's amazing how she already knows all yummy stuff, or the bad stuff.

Rice, Eggs and Spam/Portuguese Sausage... and it's from McD's 

Baby lounging and enjoying the room @Kahala. Helen used her magic and got us a Dolphin Lagoon Upgrade. I was totally annoyed about repacking. SMH.... but the Dolphins swam right up to the room, No joke.... #humblebrag #dolphins

 Hawaii is like an Asian Market state... I mean it's like a happa kid.  Love it.

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