Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 25

Short vid on week 25! Met up with Olee and Cal for some dinner.
then headed over to Pasadena for the 626 night market.

Week 25!


  1. you had the hissy fit. don't try to blame your pregnant wife!

  2. baby bump is gettin bigger.

    that was a direct hit. nice shot, Helen. you would never think that Helen would have good aim but i bet she gets lots of practice.

    love the bag. super cute.

  3. HAHA! Best one, yet! (And, not bc I had a mini-feature LOL). Truly what I grew up with ... Hissy, Sissy Ryan! I was cracking up so loud at work - terrible. Keep um coming! More Helen, more Parker...and soon MORE MORE MORE _filler in_!

    Great assist and shot.

  4. Love the pillow slow mo and the change of song when the bball highlights came in. nice lay up!