Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekend Essay! Week 23

I've been slacking it! Seems like i post about twice a month.  to remedy this problem i decided to bust out my writing cap and just sit down and write my next blog.

The two big things happened in week 23!
1. I finally felt the little HIT GIRL kick mommy's belly. It was amazing. Helen thought i showed little emotion but i was truly touched. Plus I only get "emotional" when i watch owen wilson movies! HA..

Look my baby is growing!!

2. We visited Dr. Grier's office! We went in for a heart monitor check up. Everything seemed normal. Heart is healthy! check.
10 toes check. eyes check... Can't wait till i see you again.

My pops also came back from korea with some baby clothes. our very first set. Thanks Appa!



  1. 'bout freaking time. little girl was saying, 'stop acting a fool, daddy-o'.

  2. btw, just realized that you only took a shot of the baby (belly) and not the mommy. where's mommy's face??? so that's how it's gonna be already. i'm telling you, helen, we start taking the back seat once the princess is born.